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I am an artist, designer and surfer based in  Munich, Germany.

I have always loved to draw and have always been
interested in fashion. After school I started an
apprenticeship as a dressmaker. Designing and sewing
clothes fascinated me.
The drawing of illustrations was added a little later.

In California I discovered surfing for myself …
out of it developed a passion that hasn't
left me alone. Back in Germany I had the idea
to combine my three passions:

so DON´T SURF NAKED was born: a surf art clothing collab …


Do the waves NOT naked


DON´T SURF NAKED stands for illustrations and pictures that
are all about the enthusiasm for surfing …
all clothes and other stuff are designed and sewn by myself.
The illustrations are screen printed on the shirts by me
(these shirts are not self-made).

For art, design work, clothes or other inquires
please contact me directly.

München, Bayern, Deutschland
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